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Ep 4: Brand Your School with Social Media

leadership social media May 26, 2019

Luke’s Why

I'll be honest. I'm not a natural with social media. It is still a bit challenging for me. Face to face is much more enjoyable. However, the game is being played online. Teachers are talking on twitter, parents are chatting on or about facebook.  It is simply where conversation happening. I started accounts strictly for professional reasons. I don't post about my family. Professionally, it has opened up another world of sharing, promoting, learning and storytelling. 

John’s Why 

The real conversation happens in parking lot after the event. Social media is the place we go to feed the parking lot stories.  When parents talk to parents the biggest thing they have in common is their school. So, that's what they talk about. We've got to give them something to talk about - if we don't give them content, they will write their own, and it will never be as flattering.

People tend to bend toward the negative. Give them tons...

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