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Ep 25: Self Care

leadership self care Oct 20, 2019

 Let’s beat the long stretches of the year with a little Self-Care.

Here are the 3 big ideas...

1. The Gift Of Sleep 

Sleep is the foundation of our health. It’s when our brains make connections, solidify memory and our body rejuvenates. The book, Why Sleep Matters by Matthew Walker lays out an excellent case for sleep. 

According to a 2016 study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 69 percent of high school students are getting less than eight hours of sleep on an average school night. We have all seen the effects of sleep loss in the classroom. The first step is to get control of our own sleep. 

Decided on a regular sleep and wake up time. Limit evening screentime and afternoon caffeine intake (both of these John and Luke are terrible at!) But most importantly be a scientist about your sleep. Tinker and find out what combination of habits can get you the rest you need. 

Sleep is the basis for our energy and...

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