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Ep 6: 3 Books You Must Have as an EduLeader

leadership reading Jun 09, 2019

John’s Why 

Typically I'm not reading a full book unless the work has slowed down. So for me it's Spring Break, Summer Break and Winter Break. When the game has stopped, my brain is ready to take on new information. It seeps in and I can be more reflective.

Luke’s Why 

As an educator you are constantly talking about the importance of reading to students. If you yourself are not popping open a book once in a while, then you're not exactly walking the talk. Also, it just makes life more interesting and it makes me more interesting because I always have something to talk about.  

Show Highlights

  1. Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath  : [ John] How do managers manage change? Too many times we try to hit a home run right off the bat, however, there really is a methodical process to managing change. This book, written by a couple of brothers, has changed the way I manage change. As a leader you are always trying to go...
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