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Ep 8: The Hiring Game: 3 Tips for the Late Summer Hire!

hiring Jun 23, 2019

John’s Why 

It is inevitable. People move. Their spouses get new jobs across the country. It happens and you always need to always be ready. When it happens during an unexpected time, it is a real curveball. You have to have a system to be ready. 

Luke’s Why 

We are experiencing some shrinking budgets in California. During the ebb and flow of educational budgets, times like these create a domino effect of job movement. Teachers are bumping around as the seniority game plays out. There are a lot of great new teachers left looking around at the end of the year so you need to be ready if you get an opening. 

Show Highlights

  1. Develop A Network of Other Leaders If you need a half-time AP Calculus teacher and it's already Summer, you will need to be able to lean on a network. If you need a front office staff member, sure, there is a pool, but it helps to be able to reach out to your network and find awesome person who has been bumped or is unhappy...
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