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Ep: 11 Catch Your Best Ideas

habits Jul 14, 2019

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John's Why 

"You are always thinking about what is next. You are always planning and projecting out into the future. If you don't have a system for catching ideas that pop into your head you'll never get to sleep at night"

Luke's Why

"Free up your RAM. Like a computer your mind slows down when it is trying to remember while processing new information. Having a system for new ideas frees up your mind to give the present moment more attention"

Show Highlights:

  • The secret to never losing that great idea no matter where or when you have it 
  • John and Luke different idea catching systems 


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Ep 9: Why Systems Are Better Than Goals

habits leadership systems Jun 30, 2019

Luke's Why

"A goal is an objective. We all write goals. Some goals are forced on us. Goals are necessary. But...What happens next? What happens next is you fail at reaching this goal everyday until one day to you maybe reach that goal and then you just start another. A system on the other hand is a designed set of daily habits, routines, workflows and procedures that you put in place. Having a system creates a chance to win everyday! If you ran the system today, you win!"

John's Why 

"A system gives you something to do everyday. The idea isn't to not have goals, but to have systems that help you achieve those long term goals. A chance to be successful everyday. If I do X Y and Z today then I am successful. A series of short repeatable actions or a system is going to help you actually reach that goal."

On the show John and Luke cover:

  • 3 systems school leaders should put in place right now. 
  • Luke's reflection system
  • John's idea...
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