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Episode #1: 5 Ways to Appreciate Staff

John’s Why

Sometimes appreciation is finding the bright spots in the organization that give us a pathway or potential reality. Appreciation is so important because we are in the  job of recruiting and retaining the highest quality people. No one wants to work in an organization where they’re not celebrating their staff and everyone wants to work in an organization where they feel appreciated and they look around and see their colleagues being appreciated. We all come to the edu-space with a heart for children but it’s easy to burn out if we’re not recognized for how hard we are working and what we bring to the game.

Luke’s Why

We are all probably under-appreciated. And it’s because it's the last we think about in a world where we are drawn to all the problems that need fixing. There are problems and as humans our survival brains are wired to see the problems and to fix the problems. Being under appreciated is a problem that is somewhat...

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