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Ep 26: How To Tackle Conferences

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2019

So, your team wants to go to a conference. How can we ensure the time and money are well-spent?

Here are the 3 big ideas...

1. Before: Pre-Huddle

Start with a pre-conference team huddle. Breakout the conference schedule. Pick sessions together. Come with a game plan. What’s the dress style? What are the lunch options? What’s a “vender session?” If it is anyone’s first time at a conference there is a lot of front loading and advice you can offer to limited wasted energy and make them feel more comfortable. The main outcome of the pre-huddle is to frame the event as a system of professional development for the school not just a cool free trip.

2. During: Collab-Notes

Use Google Doc to take collaborative notes. Create a template for each session at the top. Title, Slide Link, Notes, Key Takeaway could be some of the titles. Then at each session your team will copy and paste that text and fill it out for their session. This way even if you need to...

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Ep 25: Self Care

leadership self care Oct 20, 2019

 Let’s beat the long stretches of the year with a little Self-Care.

Here are the 3 big ideas...

1. The Gift Of Sleep 

Sleep is the foundation of our health. It’s when our brains make connections, solidify memory and our body rejuvenates. The book, Why Sleep Matters by Matthew Walker lays out an excellent case for sleep. 

According to a 2016 study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 69 percent of high school students are getting less than eight hours of sleep on an average school night. We have all seen the effects of sleep loss in the classroom. The first step is to get control of our own sleep. 

Decided on a regular sleep and wake up time. Limit evening screentime and afternoon caffeine intake (both of these John and Luke are terrible at!) But most importantly be a scientist about your sleep. Tinker and find out what combination of habits can get you the rest you need. 

Sleep is the basis for our energy and...

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Ep 24: Celebrate Small Wins

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2019

It’s the middle of October. The longest stretch of the year. 

Time to celebrate the small wins! 

Here are the 3 big ideas...

1. Spread Specific Praise 

It’s a critical time for praise. Praise specifically and often. However you alone cannot praise enough for everyone! 

How can we build a culture of praise were staff praise each other? 

One idea is to start every meeting with a celebration whip-around. Another is to use Google Form to give everyone an opportunity for gratitude. We have also seen high-five walls be effective. Whatever you choose, the leader can setup structures and system to give everyone opportunities to give specific praise to each other. 

Here is a TED TALK on the idea of specific praise. 

2. Take Note(s)

Take a “success walk” around campus with a pad of paper. Note EVERYTHING that is going well in a brainstorm fashion. 

You are likely to surprise yourself with an extra boost of motivation. 


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Ep 23 Soft Skills

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2019

Soft skills are the intangibles that drive communication.

Let's discuss soft skills every school leader should learn.

Here are the 3 big ideas...

1. Assume Positive Intentions

Start from a winning position whether you are in a hallway conversation, staff meeting or reading an email. Always start fresh and assume the person you are communicating with has the same core values you do.

Even if the person starts with negativity or complaining, always assume the best. More good work happens when we assume positive intentions. 

This Forbes article argues that assuming positive intentions can actually help you see opportunities because you’re staying calm calculated. 

2. Ask Questions

How can you communicate without inserting yourself into the equation?

By asking questions you can show your concern and care without adding anything new. Asking questions is also a great way to dig for more information while leading folks to...

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Ep 22 Digital Skills Every School Leader Should Learn

digital skills Sep 29, 2019

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In this weeks episode John and Luke go digital and discuss skills every school leader should try. 

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Ep 21 Make It Stick

communication leadership Sep 22, 2019

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In this weeks episode John and Luke try to make their message stick.

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Ep 20: Stressed Out!

stress Sep 15, 2019

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In this weeks episode John and Luke get stressed! 

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Ep 19: How To Handle Complaints

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In this weeks episode John and Luke discuss systems for staying positive and open to complaints. 

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Ep 18: Your Biggest Challenge

challenge leadership Sep 01, 2019

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In this weeks episode John and Luke discuss their biggest challenge.

What is your biggest challenge as a school leader?  If you have 30 seconds, Let us know!



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Ep 17: Avoid The Back To School Nightmare

back to school leadership Aug 25, 2019

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In this weeks episode John and Luke try to plan the perfect back to school night.

  • Learn how to start influencing parents in the parking lot.
  • How can you as the leader present the necessary school information in a fun way?
  • How can Back to School Night be an asset in your family engagement system.

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