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Ep: 29 Gratitude from the Voxer

gradtitude leadership voxer Nov 18, 2019

Since this week’s topic is Gratitude we decided to share the love and get some insights from some of our favorite educators. 

Using Voxer, which is basically a voice recording walkie talkie app, we asked why gratitude is important and how we can influence a culture of gratitude.

The answers were just amazing!

Special thanks to our guests this week: 

Jennifer Kloczko (@jkloczko) This proud Principal / directora at Waggoner Elementary LOVES learning, dreaming, & celebrating awesome every day! #somoswaggoner #weRWaggoner sparkleonjen.blogspot.com

Joe Clark (@ClarksRoom) Admin | Instructor | CTE Teacher | Past Radio DJ | Husband | Father  || Living the DREAM ClarksRoom.com

Emily Battin (@Emily_Battin) Mom to two amazing young men | K8 Principal  westlakecharter.com

Brent Coley (@brentcoley) Principal of @AltaMurrieta / Author of Stories of #EduInfluence / Host of #TeachingTales Podcast / Follower of Christ / Husband / Father BrentColey.com

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