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Ep 24: Celebrate Small Wins

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2019

It’s the middle of October. The longest stretch of the year. 

Time to celebrate the small wins! 

Here are the 3 big ideas...

1. Spread Specific Praise 

It’s a critical time for praise. Praise specifically and often. However you alone cannot praise enough for everyone! 

How can we build a culture of praise were staff praise each other? 

One idea is to start every meeting with a celebration whip-around. Another is to use Google Form to give everyone an opportunity for gratitude. We have also seen high-five walls be effective. Whatever you choose, the leader can setup structures and system to give everyone opportunities to give specific praise to each other. 

Here is a TED TALK on the idea of specific praise. 

2. Take Note(s)

Take a “success walk” around campus with a pad of paper. Note EVERYTHING that is going well in a brainstorm fashion. 

You are likely to surprise yourself with an extra boost of motivation. 

Some notes will be for sharing with the group or an individual and some might just be for you. It's a great way to get in a grateful state of mind. 

3. Post-it!

We are techie guys but don’t sleep on paper. Drop a post-it note. In a box or better yet on a teacher’s desk after spending some time in their room. 

The post it note can’t be BCC’d. It’s informal and comes off as authentic. In a world of digital transparency it is a tangible private moment. 


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