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We show principals, vice principals and educational leaders how to build systems that reduce anxiety, lower confusion and provide coherence. 

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The Virtual Leadership Academy BlogCast

John and Luke have a blast discussing tips and tricks to make your school a place where people love to work.

The School Year Planning System

Start with our free School Year Planning System and get your entire staff on the same page today.  Creating an Amazing Culture takes planning. Win this year with your simple system!


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John Eick

John Eick has proudly served the educational landscape of Sacramento, California for over 20 years as a Teacher, Vice Principal, High School Principal, Director of Instructional Technology and as Executive Director.  John has loved all things EduLeadership, Communications and Change Management! For nearly a decade now John has been talking Education through presentations, podcasts and keynote stages around the country.

Lucas Machado

Luke's journey went from a film studio in San Francisco to teaching special education to educational technology at district office. He is interested in how complicated systems, processes and cultures can be made easy and simple to understand and manage. 


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